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After studying for two years at Barnfield colledge, Luton, I was accepted to study for a BA(honours) in Fine Art Ceramics and Glass at Buckingham shire University college, High Wycombe. I had the chance  to experience  a number of different mediums and I gradually became fascinated by the natural inherent organic textured qualities contained within clay. Half way through my second year I was introduced to the medium of glass, and glass blowing.The ethereal ghost like reflections cast by glass have influenced the work I have produced and produce today.  


I have always had an interest in things of a spiritual nature and have learn t to tune into the work I am producing at any one time, all else fades away into the background. As an artist it is not just about the end result but also the journey of creating something and learning to be in the present  moment. When one achieves this, the finished result should carry a creative vibe that is able to lift the environment it is displayed in,  through its vibrant colors and unusual vibrational bespoke presence.

                                 Ricky Keech